INTERVIEW: Zaddy Chats With One Of Nigeria’s Finest Rappers, KOBOKO

We held this Interview yesterday (2nd April, 2015) but due to some hitches we couldn’t drop it, well its here now. On this edition of “HitZaddy Chats”, we have One of Benue’s most consistent and Hardworking Rapper who is also A Producer and a Graphic Designer, it was His birthday yesterday so we sent out our Correspondent YONG KESH to get personal with the “Oyi Aje” crooner Odeh Onuh popularly known as KOBOKO. Read and Enjoy.

HIT ZADDY: Welcome onboard Sir.

KOBOKO: Thank you very much.

HIT ZADDY: Please tell us your name.

KOBOKO: My name is Odeh L. Onuh popularly known as Koboko a.k.a Oyi Aje.

HIT ZADDY: Tell us more about you, your Family and Educational background.

KOBOKO: I am an Idoma born Rapper/Producer and Part-time graphic designer. I was born in 1990 into the family of Andrew Odeh from Ohimini Local Govt, Benue state. Am the sixth of seven children (2 boys and 5 girls) and am a fresh graduate of Animal science from the University of Agriculture Makurdi.

HIT ZADDY: When did you start doing Music?

KOBOKO: I officially started recording my own music in 2005 during my SS 2.

HIT ZADDY: Before I go on, I want you to answer this question, am sure your fans would be interested in this, how and why did you choose the name “Koboko” as your stage name?

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KOBOKO: Ummm, I have gone through a lot of name change while growing up but the name Koboko never came up until 2010 when I was doing a freestyle rap battle with my friends P Joe and late I.C Da Lyricist. They always say my lines flogs. It sounded good so I decided to change my name to Tha Chiefwhip which later metamorphosized into Koboko.

HIT ZADDY: Sounds cool!. When you started off, what were the challenges you faced, and how did you overcome these challenges?

KOBOKO: Mehn seriously, it wasn’t easy, the major challenge I faced when I started was convincing people especially my parents that recording music was not going to affect my behaviour or my education. I was also constantly faced with financial challenges regarding recording and promoting my art. I must confess, the journey haven’t been rosy and all I have attained today is because of Gods grace.

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HIT ZADDY: As a Student, not just a student, a student of The Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, I understand the level of stress it’s average student passes through, how did you manage to handle this stress and create such remarkable Niche for yourself in Benue state?

KOBOKO: It was not easy but the stress was not enough to extinguish my passion for music. Yea, there were times when it was hard to concentrate on my studies but I always try to draw a line between them both. My priority list changes at different times during my school year. Music goes down the list during exams and rises up the list during holidays and when school activity isn’t too serious yet. We de ygo show during exams sometimes sha. *Chuckles*

HIT ZADDY: *laughs*. The name Koboko is not a new name in the Entertainment industry here, from census taken, more Music listeners around here chose to tag you as a “Controversial Rapper”, what can you say about this?

KOBOKO: I was not surprised when they started tagging me a controversial rapper though. I am normally someone who is conscious about happenings around me and I always like to speak my mind about issues most people would like to shy away from. Music to me should always pass a message so I always express my thoughts in my music. Blame the late legendary Fela Kuti, 2pac and Nas for influencing my music. Can you blame em? Hell nah. They legends.

HIT ZADDY: If am not mistaken, sometime in 2013 you engaged in some series of lyrical brawls with Vinci Quest of Eyesixone (now SEVQ) and later went to take on Nobvee too, what was the Genesis behind the Ill-blood then, did any of you take the Diss outside the booth?

KOBOKO: Nah, there were no brawls outside the music booth. Vinci’s case was just a misunderstanding about something he said about me to people and I didn’t like so I replied him with just a line in my song JUDAS but he went ahead to reply me with a full length diss track. I had to reply cos I couldn’t let him take me down like that. Its all in the past cos am cool with Vinci now. As for Nobvee, I don’t recall ever attacking him. I didn’t even meet the guy until he dissed me. That’s why I never replied his diss.

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HIT ZADDY: In one of your Songs “Judas”, you spoke a whole lot about Benue Entertainment Industry, reminiscing on the journey so far, has any of your complaints about the Industry been addressed?

KOBOKO: So far so good, nothing changed about the way artistes are treated by show organizers but musically we have grown and that’s evident in the quality of music coming out of the state now.

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