INTERVIEW: Zaddy’s Exclusive Chat With Face Of Idoma Nigeria 2016, Queen Patience Abbah

On the 26th Day of December, 2016, MISS PATIENCE ABBAH ONYEMOWO was crowned Face of Idoma Nigeria 2016 after emerging winner of the  the Agila Carnival Socio-Economic sponsored Face Of Idoma Nigeria contest.

We at Zaddy Media sent out our correspondent to come up with this very interesting yet interactive interview session with Our New Queen. Read below;

ZADDY MEDIA: Welcome on board

QUEEN PATIENCE: Thank you very much.

ZADDY MEDIA: Please can we know you?

QUEEN PATIENCE: My name is Abbah Patience, I am from Oukpo Local Government, Ipole Adoka is my village and I am the Face of IDOMA beauty queen 2016.

ZADDY MEDIA: Tell us more about you, your educational background and family background.

QUEEN PATIENCE: I am a Christian by Religion, born into a family of 6. I currently study Mass Communication in Benue State University, my Primary school education was at Airforce primary School Makurdi thereafter, proceded to Airforce Girls Comprehensive School Jos.

ZADDY MEDIA: Just few days ago, you were crowned Face of Idoma Nigeria, please tell us, were you a Model or Beauty Queen before now?

QUEEN PATIENCE: Not really, I have not been a queen before but I have been nursing my aspirations through constant practice and dedication to becoming a model.

ZADDY MEDIA: Great!, what were your expectations before you went in for the Face of Idoma Nigeria contest, did you envisage being the winner?

QUEEN PATIENCE: My expectations were very positive. I knew I was not the only one competing for the crown but I was 90% positive.

ZADDY MEDIA: Briefly, tell us your experience in the Face of Idoma camp, what were your best moments in camp?

QUEEN PATIENCE: My best moments in the camp were firstly, the debate between the contestants, the cooking competition, starting from the market, the camp was lively with lovely and amazing people I will never forget.

ZADDY MEDIA: Grading by 100%, how transparent is the Face of Idoma Nigeria contest?

QUEEN PATIENCE: On a scale of 100%, I am convinced that the Face of Idoma Nigeria 2016 was 99.9% transparent.

ZADDY MEDIA: *Chuckles*, 99.9% you said?, we are eager to know what happened to the other 0.1% transparency.

QUEEN PATIENCE: My evaluation is based on the nature of man, bound to make mistakes and sometimes unintentionally go contrary to expectations, like they say “No man is perfect”. I must praise the Face Of Idoma 2016 Committee, irrespective.

ZADDY MEDIA: As the new Face of Idoma Nigeria 2016, a Queenly power has been bestowed upon you, what will you do to better, promote and enhance the FACE OF IDOMA NIGERIA brand?

QUEEN PATIENCE: Thank you. Branding is something a lot of people talk about but only a few understands. Branding is all about creating and sustaining a positive reputation about a product, service or an idea. As the queen of Face Of Idoma 2016, I will promote this noble course by living an exemplary life, a life of good virtues and hardwork worthy of emulation to the glory of God and the life of mankind.

I will also work in partnership with NGO’s and well meaning individuals to bring the dividends of my office to fruition through enlightenment, treatment and education for women and the youth.

ZADDY MEDIA: Well said my Queen, in one sentence, describe the FACE OF IDOMA Brand.

QUEEN PATIENCE: The Face Of Idoma Brand is ‘The Pride of her Father’, for God makes a Queen.

ZADDY MEDIA: If you are to change one thing about FACE OF IDOMA, what would that be?

QUEEN PATIENCE: I would like to change the minds and notion of those who think Face Of Idoma is in anyway not transparent. Starve your distraction and feed your focus.

ZADDY MEDIA: What advice do you have for prospective Models and Beauty Queens aiming to be where you are now?

QUEEN PATIENCE: To those nursing, practicing and wishing to be where I am today, just BRING IT ON, do the right thing and you shall succeed.

ZADDY MEDIA: What will you do in your jurisdiction to better the IDOMA Culture?

QUEEN PATIENCE: I will welcome and promote skill acquisition and culture upliftment through child education so as to curb the extinction of African values in the near future.

And lastly, I will also try my best to be a succor to the needy and less privileged,  orphans and internally displaced people in my immediate community and even beyond.

ZADDY MEDIA: Last words for readers of this Article.

QUEEN PATIENCE: I will like to assure the readers of this article to expect more and nothing less from me. I am here to make my people proud.

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Facebook: Abbah Patience Onyemowo

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